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Ore Struck Media

Narratives that Resonate

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Work in Progress

Pitches. Scripts. Production.

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Tujuh Hari Tengkujuh

Status: Script Completed

On the way back from her ex- husband’s funeral in the East Coast of Malaysia, ROS a celebrity chef and her daughter LILA become stranded in the quaint fishing village of JAMBU JATUH. HASSAN, a widower who lives alone reluctantly allows them to stay in his annex to wait out the monsoon while their car is under repair. During the seven days they are stuck there, Lila discovers the truth about her parent’s separation and Ros finds out that you are never too old to fall in love.

Makcik Kerepek Gang Wars

Status: Currently Pitching

“When Lydia, a single mother trying to make ends meet gets entangled in the underbelly of organised kerepek cartels, she discovers that she needs to nurture her inner gangster to go against her ruthless mentor.”

Kami Zainuddin

Status: Currently Pitching

A family comedy circling around five siblings. The Zainuddins are a dysfunctional family dealing with their widowed father’s remarrying schemes. To their horror they find out that the family home is also up for sale! Can they cope with another loss on top of their own personal issues so soon after loosing their mother without killing each other?

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A Collective of Creatives

Here we are in Udine, Italy for the world premiere of Motif

We just want better stories out there. More variety in narratives and inclusivity. As with any dream it starts out with a coffee session right up until the screening in front of an international audience. We were incredibly happy to be able to support Indie director Nadiah Hamzah in her first ever feature film.

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Honey Ahmad

Director/ Script Specialist

Honey is an experienced scriptwriter in animation, live-action and lifestyle programming. She has show runner and producing experience and can make excellent kuih for those long production meetings. In Ore Struck she makes sure that scripts are shoot ready and is a sounding board for writers to bounce ideas off.

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Farah Al-Amin

Director/ Marketing Maven

Farah has worked in both Australia and Malaysia producing countless shows and TV series. She is passionate about a holistic approach to content creation. No matter the budget her marketing ideas have always been out of the box combining conventional with a touch of madness.


Adam Firsham Aqil

Director/ Finance & Funding

Adam does the most essential stuff, making sure projects get the funding they need, keeping track of production budgets and ensuring everything ticks along. His love for film also enables him to put himself in a filmmaker's shoes while being the voice of reason so that projects cross the finish line.

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The Ore Struck Crew

HONEY AHMAD 012- 515 1111
ADAM FIRSHAM AQIL 012- 780 3319
FARAH AL-AMIN 019- 234 8799

Level 23, Menara MBMR,

Jalan Syed Putra,

58000, Kuala Lumpur

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